Preview of Coming Attractions

Okay, that’s a hokey name for a post, but it fits. I’ve been gone to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America all last week. Met many new people, and renewed many old friendships. It was a great time, although I missed the family terribly (and vice versa, they tell me). Anyway, I thought I’d give a few indications of what is coming up in the coming weeks. I have the next installment of Gary Johnson’s review of Muether’s biography of Van Til, a summary of an article that Lane Tipton and Jeff Jue wrote just recently in reply to several critiques of what Westminster Seminary has done with Enns (actually, it is a direct critique of part of Enns’s book), the start of some exegetical studies on paedo-communion, continuation of the debate with Doug Wilson, and a few more sermons, not to mention book reviews, when I get squeeze them in. That ought to keep me busy for quite awhile!