The First Amendment

WordPress is glad that the first amendment is in place for our country. So am I. However, I wonder how much of the first amendment is left at the moment. Certain things are now said to be guaranteed under our supposed first amendment rights. Things like pornography, for example, although child pornography is still prohibited. Other things, like protesting abortion on public property, is not allowed in many parts of the country. I’ve long since felt that the first amendment is becoming a wax nose. It means whatever the people in power say it means. Now, I’m not one for identity of church and state. However, neither do I believe that a Christian has to leave his Christianity behind when he enters the public square. Otherwise, he becomes something of a schizophrenic. The first amendment, which was originally supposed to protect the right of religious free speech, is now being used in exactly the opposite way that it was intended to be used. If people want to change the constitution, then they should change it. But let’s stop pretending that we are now interpreting it the right way. Someone will no doubt answer to me that I am so, so arrogant in having the audacity to think that there is a right way to interpret the first amendment. However, the answer to this is the answer of history. History happens outside of us, and therefore there is an objective component to this history that does not depend on our interpretation. As a good Van Tillian, I do not believe that there are such things as “brute facts.” However, there is such a thing as what really happened and what did not really happen. And what really happened was that religious freedom was intended to be the purport of the first amendment. Words do not mean anything if the first amendment is now being used to curtail the religious freedoms of Christians in the US. I make can anything words mean, if depends meaning my on interpretation own. Black is white and white is black.