A Great Felicity of Heaven

From Jean Taffin’s The Marks of God’s Children, p. 31:

Suppose that someone of whom you are as fond as you are of yourself were to experience the same joy as you. Would not the overflowing joy that you feel in that blessedness be doubled because of the joy and glory of the one whom you cherish as much as you do yourself and for whose well-being you are as happy as you are for your own? And should two, three, or even more whom you esteem all experience the same blessedness, would you not rejoice in the happiness of each of them as much as in your own? How then will this not be the case in that perfect love, with which we will love all the divine angels and all the elect, loving each of them as much as we do ourselves and being no less happy in the joy of each of them than we are in our own joy?

Taffin goes on to note on the same page that not even this amazing happiness is the greatest joy of heaven. For even the joy of the community will pale in comparison to the joy of the Triune God’s fellowship. The thought I had about this is simple: we aren’t getting much of a head start on this joy today, because we are too individualistic. The same problem, on the negative side, prevents us from being very sympathetic for our Chinese and Nigerian brothers and sisters, who are undergoing the most severe persecution right now.


  1. roberty bob said,

    April 12, 2019 at 10:32 am

    According to Hebrews 12, we of the Christian faith belong to that congregation which meets with our God and Savior at Mount Zion — the heavenly Jerusalem — in the company innumerable angels!

    So, it seems that the joys of heaven have taken hold here on earth from the moment Jesus Christ our Savior offered his blood as an atonement for sins.

    While “we seek the city which is to come” (Hebrews 13), we do our seeking while already a citizen of that city. The joys we now experience, while genuine, probably pale in comparison with those joys we shall know in the Age to Come.

  2. Reed Here said,

    April 16, 2019 at 7:18 am

    As a very young Christian, Reading Isaiah 6, I blurted out “Thank you God I’m not one of those angels (seraphim)! I’d be bored out of my mind.”

    I’m grateful that growth in faith involves discerning and desiring that’s which is truly best. Now I long for the growth of the “just hanging by the throne,” attitude.

    To your point, already we experience the wonder of gospel-fueled koinonea. It is with those in whose hearts the Spirit is also growing the “hanging with” attitude that I find my moments of deepest joy. Nothing more than reflecting together on the glories of our God and King, and hymn lines about raptures of transport circle in my head and display on my face.

    (And given my face, that’s a good thing ;) ).

    The promise of Immanuel is the most precious given ito us.

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