A Reply to Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson wrote a post wherein he writes:

You see Lane and I put the blame in different places. Lane thinks the FV guys won and took over, and I think that a 3rd party took the opportunity run off the TR’s (for lack of a better term) and gain complete control. I think the “evangelical middle” as Lane refers to them has always had designs on running this denomination.

I think I have given sufficient credit to the evangelical big tent folks in my cwaga posts. I also qualified my statements about the FV winning the denomination by saying, in effect, that what they did was to make the denomination safe for them. Of course, they needed a lot of help in accomplishing that. However, the cwaga folks would not have helped the FV, if the FV had not assiduously courted them and convinced them that the issues were not really gospel issues. In other words, by “winning the PCA” I primarily meant that the FV carved out a safe haven for themselves, not that they completely took over. The cwaga folks most definitely are the majority of the PCA, and they hold most of the major positions of power.

In other words, I think that Lee and I are basically saying the same thing. There was an alliance fashioned between the FV and the cwaga folks, once it became clear that the confessionalists were actually going to go after the FV men. However, if there had been no FV to put pressure on the cwaga folks to be true to the big tent vision, the results might have been far different.

I should mention one other thing. I was investigated at my own request as to my views on the sacraments and on justification, since I had been accused of false doctrine. Siouxlands Presbytery was exceedingly reluctant to conduct an investigation, not believing me guilty of teaching false doctrine, and thinking the charges frivolous. But an investigation was conducted. No trial happened in that incident. The investigation resulted in no strong presumption of guilt being found. Lee’s post might give a slightly different idea as to what happened.