Announcing a New Series

Tolle Lege Press is now coming out with something that should push them into the mainstream of Reformed publishers. The first volume will be coming soon. This series aims to be a non-technical, but still substantive commentary on the New Testament, aimed at helping preaching, and aimed specifically at promoting expository, lectio continua preaching from a confessionally Reformed perspective. Yours truly is helping to edit this series. The main editor is Jon Payne, who graciously pulled me off the Galatians project, as I was right in the middle of moving to South Carolina. Lord-willing, I will be able to help with the John volume, currently being written by Terry Johnson. Other contributors include Derek Thomas, Jon Payne, Danny Hyde, Kim Riddlebarger, Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Harry Reeder, Iain Campbell, and David Hall. ‘Nuff said!