Godfrey’s Second Address

The title of this address is “Ignorance Is Not Bliss.”

He focuses on Psalm 49. It is one of the great poems of literature. Life is a riddle, according to the Psalmist. there are many riddles. The Psalmist is focused on one riddle in particular: why do the wicked prosper? The wicked will always accuse Christians of a long list of offenses. However, what about how their ideas have worked out? A quick look at Stalin and Hitler reveals that a utopian, scientific, atheistic, evolutionary ideology doesn’t work. So, we have to recognize candidly what we have done wrong in church history. However, we can say that our offenses are due to a misuse and a misunderstanding of Christianity. However, were Stalin and Hitler failures at post-Christian thought? Did they misunderstand or misuse atheistic ideology? In their ideology, the strong kill the weak, and the fittest survive. They understood very well.

Of course, not every non-Christian is a Nazi or a communist. But those who are not have borrowed their morality from Christianity without any foundation. The question is: which shepherd will people follow? Jesus, the Good Shepherd? Or will they follow the Shepherd of death?

Kuyper said that we aren’t in the Middle Ages anymore. That means that Christians aren’t in charge anymore. So, how do we live in the modern age when we aren’t in charge? Individuals have to be changed. They need regeneration. He believed that individuals, ideas, and institutions were the loci of focus for Christians.

He believed that modern thought was going to result in either statist tyranny, or the tyranny of the individual that would destroy all institutions. How do we avoid these directions? First, we have to recognize that God alone is sovereign. God has established spheres of responsibility, in which the leaders are responsibility only to God.

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