Horton’s Address

The title is “The Fear Factor.”

Secularism is different from secularity. Everyday callings do not fall under the rubric of the church. But secularism is different. It is an ideology that pushes God out of the universe. The mall, not the church, is now the center of town.

Relativism comes from secularism. A religion becomes privatized, and therefore becomes pluralistic. Relativism follows. Rationalism leads to irrationalism. Islamization is also happening.

At its heart, Christianity is particular in time and space. The gospel is about what happened at a particular place and a particular time. Instead, today we have a moralistic, therapeutic deism.

One of the main problems we have is that we will tend to squander the biblical capital that our forefathers have whenever we feel the need to satisfy the cultured despisers.

Four reasons why we shouldn’t be afraid. The first reason we shouldn’t be afraid is that this is our Father’s world. We can know God because God has revealed Himself to us. The second reason we shouldn’t be afraid is that this is our Father’s story. The story climaxes in the gospel. It’s not about something that happens in our hearts. The gospel itself is not about us. Thirdly, it is our Father’s work. Fourthly, this is our Father’s kingdom. And it is a kingdom that we receive.

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