Questions and Answers

The panelists are Sproul, Sr., Ferguson, Mohler, Lawson, and Godfrey.

The first question is about science. Mohler says this is a gospel issue. The historical Adam, for instance, impinges on Gospel issues. Science is not a unified body of knowledge. Science is not the same as scientism. Ferguson adds that pastors are generalists. Ministers, therefore, need to be careful about pontifical statements. Similarly, scientists are often unaware of the philosophical issues that are relevant to their own scientific field.

Second question: how can a person grow in knowledge in an environment that is hostile to it? Lawson says a gradual approach is helpful, starting with study Bible, progressing to commentaries. Listening to podcasts, as well, is good. We do not grow past our knowledge of God’s Word.

Evolution is the third question (more specific than science). Godfrey says that the people who are always changing their minds are the scientists, not the Christians, even though it is the scientists who are always charging the Christians with changing their minds. Science’s conclusions are always provisional. The Bible’s conclusions are never provisional. Mohler adds that scientists are mostly methodologically committed to naturalism. Evolution is the cardinal doctrine of atheists.

How do we present the gospel in a loving way to other religious beliefs? Ferguson says that we have to be confrontational. Mohler says this is such a difficult issue. Jesus was confrontational.

Why should we trust the authority of the Bible over other sacred writings? Lawson says the unity of the Bible, the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled, and the claims of the Bible are reasons why we believe that the Bible is God’s Word. I (LK) would say that I would prefer the presuppositional approach. The other sacred writings don’t claim to be revelation. Sproul says that the sacred writings of other religions make fundamentally contradictory claims to what the Bible says. They can’t both be true. Godfrey says that one of the important practical things we need to say is that we want people to read the Bible. Objections are made against Jesus, not primarily against us. Ferguson adds that most people who make this objection have no knowledge of what is in the Bible. We ourselves, of course, need to know the Word better.

Is it a sin for a Christian to vote for a Mormon or a Roman Catholic? Mohler says no, because we’re not electing a church officer. Nevertheless, world-view matters. Mohler says that religion being private and not public is nonsense. There is a difference between church and government. Ferguson cracked the joke that if our best options are people with names like Rick, Mitt, and Newt, then the name Elizabeth starts to sound a whole lot more attractive.

Should we shelter our children from hostile world-views? Godfrey says that the Dutch approach is not to isolate, but to give them what they need to understand, interpret, and respond to the world. Mohler brings up the point about sex. We need to take the lead and teach our children about it, because the idea that we could shelter our children from even knowing about worldly views about sex is delusional.

Are the inalienable rights the Declaration of Independence truly self-evident, or are they dependent on Christian revelation? Sproul says that general revelation is the origin of any “self-evident” truths.

Is post-millenialism anti-intellectualism? Godfrey says no.

What can the local church do about the problem with pornography? Mohler says it is one of the most insidious problems of the modern world. He says that computers should be in the kitchen where the mother of the house is chopping carrots with a sharp knife! Lawson says that we need an all-encompassing view of the holiness of God.


  1. Diana said,

    March 16, 2012 at 2:45 am

    Lol, had to chuckle. We actualky DO put our computer in the kitchen/dining room where it is in full view..and the internet connection is off at night. Shine the light and make yourselves visible if you are serious about purity and protecting your marriage and family. Men need to take tge lead in this area for it to be fully effective

  2. Reed here said,

    March 16, 2012 at 5:28 am

    Covenant Eyes, on every computer.

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