Missouri Presbytery Exonerates Jeffrey Meyers

Wes White has some details here. Don’t forget to read the comments, which are very interesting indeed. A fuller explanation is here. Doug Wilson is encouraged by this, and further links Meyers to the FV by calling this turn of events “good news.”

A few thoughts on this. 1. Meyers has not denied that he is FV, whatever that means (I recognize, contra many counter assertions, that the FV is not monolithic, though presumably FV includes the Joint Federal Vision Statement at the very least). Is Doug Wilson calling the FV a movement by saying this is good news for the FV? 2. MO Presbytery has, so far, not denied that Meyers is FV. We will have to wait for further documentation to see whether they attempt to deny this or not. Doug Wilson certainly thinks that Meyers is FV. One is left with this question: how does their exoneration of Meyers square with the GA’s study committee report, especially since Meyers himself was adamantly opposed to the report?


Some Presuppositions and Rules for Protestant/Catholic Discussion on GB

It has come to the attention of the blog owner and the moderators that there are some things that need some attention. We are taking this rather seriously, and we wish for the commenters to take this seriously as well. I intend for this post to be something of a reference point for moderators (mods) in the future.

Friendly Fire: This will not be tolerated anymore for Protestant commenters. Since this is a blog owned/moderated by Protestants we will not take a position on friendly fire between non-Protestants. However, all such commenting between fellow Protestants is forbidden on this blog. What do I mean by friendly fire? I mainly intend here a critique of tone from one person to another that fails to take into account the writer’s presuppositions. I do not mean that one Protestant commenter cannot critique another Protestant’s comment. But if there is such critique, it must be limited to the substance and the argument. Questioning of motives is not allowed (who can read the heart?). When in doubt, phrase the statement in terms of the logical issue, not in terms of the person’s actions in stating something this way. No one will receive special treatment here. Comments that fail this criteria in the mods’ judgment may be deleted without explanation (you can always ask for one by email).

The Roman Catholic Church: It is the opinion of the blog owner and the moderators that the Roman Catholic Church is apostate in its teachings. By this we refer to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. We acknowledge that many nice people populate the Roman communion. We even acknowledge the theoretical possibility that a Roman Catholic person may be a Christian. We acknowledge a distinction here between the teachings of the RCC, and the people in the RCC. The reason this distinction is important is that the teaching of the RCC must be condemned in strong language, while at the same time we must never make this personal. Roman Catholic attempts on this blog to convert people to Roman Catholicism will be tolerated but also exposed (and strong language is allowed in this exposure).

Moderating: Moderating will have to be stepped up in these Protestant/Catholic debates. Expect more interaction from the moderating team. The poster is responsible for moderating the first 75 comments of his/her own post (although other mods may feel free to step in at any time). If for some reason the poster cannot do this, the poster should let the other mods know so that they can hold down the fort. Lack of comments by the poster in the first 75 comments should not be interpreted as abdication of moderating. After 75 comments, all mods are responsible for moderating.

We’re grateful for all who find this blog a valuable means of interacting with others on these subjects. Please help us make our interaction more effective by abiding by these rules. Thank you.