The Roman Communion – A Bird’s Eye View

Over at the Ref21 blog one of the contributors linked to an interview with Anglican Ray Galea, conducted by the folks at Matthias Media on Australia. (Thids was on the occasion of the curren Pope’s visti to Australia in 2008.)

Ray, raised in the Roman Communion, offered some insights on the differences between Rome and the Reformation heritage. Over this past year we’ve had a number of discussions with our Roman friends here at Green Baggins. Often the conversation ends up scattering into a myriad of loose ends. While a few of us may be profiting from the broad conversation, I suspect many are a tad bit confused at times. I think Ray’s interview provides some opportunity for some focus in these discussions. I recommend it both regular posters and lurkers.

Having myself been raised in the Roman Communion, I found his summary quite helpful. Even where an adherent of Rome might disagree with Ray’s observations, I believe he will agree that Ray is reasonable without falling into unnecessary argumentative exageration.

posted by Reed DePace