Another REC Volume Is Now Available

My friend Rev. Rick Phillips has come out with another volume in the REC series, this time on Jonah/Micah. One can hope that he is planning on finishing out the Minor Prophets. This is his second volume on the Minor Prophets. I purchase every single one of these volumes that comes out.


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  1. Frank Aderholdt said,

    August 2, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    The attendees at Rick Phillips’ PCA General Assembly seminar on “Preaching the Prophets in a Postmodern Age” got a FREE copy of this volume! It is truly outstanding.

    In my opinion, Rick strikes just the right balance between personal application, comparison of OT Israel to NT church, proper and judicious parallels between old covenant structure and modern society, and redemptive-historical context pointing to ultimate fulfillment in Christ and His work. That’s not an easy task, by any means!

    Rick’s greatest strength is his faithfulness to the text at hand. He got a laugh when he mentioned during the seminar that someone had asked him what was the focus of his sermon on Micah chapter 2, about the greedy rich in Israel. He replied, “It’s about the greedy rich.”

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