Changing Gears

This blog has sought, over the last 5 years, to clarify the material principle of the Reformation, namely, the doctrine of justification. The debates with the Federal Vision have been geared towards this great doctrine. I am now officially giving notice that this blog will now shift gears to treat of the formal principle of the Reformation, namely, the doctrine of Scripture. We will not be putting aside the doctrine of justification. Indeed, one cannot, even the midst of such a shift, since the doctrine of justification and the doctrine of Scripture are inter-related. However, there is evidence that a massive buildup of scholarship is about to be unleashed on this doctrine. In Reformed circles, especially, over the next few years, we are going to see a lot of books and articles treating of this doctrine. In large part, this is in response to some of the challenges of the traditional doctrine that have been coming from various quarters (Peter Enns, A.T.B. McGowan, Carlos Bovell, Kenton Sparks, and Craig Allert). I’m sure there are others as well not on this list. I plan on attempting to read all the books I own on Scripture in the next 3-4 years. I’ll be blogging about what I read, and I hope and pray that the Christian church will once again confess its faith with regard to this vitally important and undergirding doctrine of Scripture. If God has not spoken, then we cannot live. For man lives by the Word of God. If Scripture falls, then so does every other doctrine.

Edit: Due to Reed’s request and Phil’s comment, I will just mention that the first two books I plan on reading are the following: volume 2 of Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, by Richard Muller; and Disputations on Holy Scripture, by William Whitaker. After that, I plan on reading Warfield. For those who would like to read along with me, that’s my plan.