Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that no critic has ever understood any aspect of any FV teaching in the entire 8 year history of this conflict, if you were to believe some FV guys? One would think that the FV guys were artists, given how difficult their work is to understand.

I have occasions where I am misunderstood. Almost inevitably, I am to blame for not being clear in my writing or speaking. I hope I have been honest enough to admit those times when I misspoke or forgot to guard the meaning closely enough to eliminate misunderstanding.

However, eliminating all possible misunderstandings has not usually been the modus operandi of FV guys. Language that is ambiguous, capable of multiple levels of meaning, or similar modes of thought are par for the course for FV writers. Has it ever occurred to FV guys to wonder if maybe, just possibly, most if not all the misunderstanding they are claiming the critics are having might be the fault of the FV authors for not being clear? FV guys quite often claim to be confessional. Then why can’t FV theology be expressed in confessional terms? If it really is as confessional as all that, as deeply steeped in the Reformed fathers as many FV guys claim, then why can’t reasonably intelligent pastors, who are theologically educated, grasp these concepts? Some FV guys will simply call us stupid, or worse, Satanic. According to this mode of reasoning, it’s all the reader’s fault if they don’t understand it. After all, it’s crystal clear to them what they mean. But then, when you dig, you find that there is a different paradigm underlying the FV. And that has been the point of the critics all along: the paradigm is not confessional! Maybe the critics are reading the FV guys better than the FV guys think.