Preview of Coming Attractions

I will be responding in a series of blog posts to TE Robert Rayburn’s public reaction to the SJC decision regarding the Leithart case. I hope I will be more charitable to Rob Rayburn than Rob Rayburn was to the SJC. Rob Rayburn is undoubtedly a highly intelligent, highly accomplished theologian. Therefore, I will make it a point to say nothing on this blog that I would not be comfortable saying to him in person. But I do feel that the SJC needs to have someone speak up for it and answer some of the very serious things that TE Rayburn has said in his response to the decision.

Actions of the Siouxlands Presbytery

Here is an accurate summary of the actions taken at the Siouxlands Presbytery. I will not add any commentary to the events, because if I do, I will be attacked. I will only say that the Presbytery was pretty much an unmitigated disaster. Wes White and Brian Carpenter have weighed in with their thoughts. I don’t know that I could add anything to what they’ve said.