New Rules About Advertising

My twin brother brought to my attention this article. I am certainly glad to know about it, even if I think the FTC is wrong to horse down on bloggers in this fashion. The FTC seems to assume that people reading blogs do not need to exercise common sense. Why should a blog have any authority at all? It’s just cyber words, after all. One would hope that readers would be able to form their own judgments about whether to trust a blogger or not. The government has been looking for ways to clamp down on the internet for a long time, since they have had precious few ways to regulate anything. It is one of the final frontiers of human freedom. Of course many people abuse that freedom. And there is no doubt that some of the problems described in the article do exist. But isn’t the solution to educate people about the problems, rather than legislating concerning it? Be that as it may, I intend to conform to whatever stupid laws come down the pike regarding blogging. But I don’t have to like it.