Threaded Comments

Some REALLY nice updates have been added to WordPress which will make reading the comments on my blog a whole lot easier. First of all, WordPress has added threaded comments. This means that you can reply to a specific comment (the word “reply” is at the bottom of anyone’s comment: just click on that and your comment will appear as a reply to that comment). Secondly, WordPress has also added a feature of breaking the comments into pages. I have set the default at 50 comments per page with the oldest comment on the top. If people really beg me, I might switch and put the newest comment on the top. At any rate, these changes are a real boon to this blog, where there are often more than 100 comments on a post, and it becomes difficult to follow who is responding to whom, and it is also difficult to scroll down all the way to the bottom to get to the 300th comment. I’m really excited, as these changes will really help ease of communication around here.