Harold Hoehner Enters Into His Eternal Sabbath Rest

Dr. Harold Hoehner passed away today at the age of 74. Read Dallas Theological Seminary’s tribute to him here. He put the church permanently in his debt with the publication of his massive, conservative (he thoroughly trounced liberal arguments against Pauline authorship) commentary on Ephesians. At any rate, he certainly put me in his debt.

Should Protestants Go Back to the Hebrew Order of Books In the OT?

I have often thought about the difference in the order of the books of the Old Testament. What we have in the English Bible does not follow the order of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible follows the order of Torah (law), Nebiim (prophets early and late), and Ketubim (writings). The two distinct orders of the OT books can be clearly seen side by side here. In the same post, Greg references a very stimulating argument by Jim Hamilton (a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) that English Bibles should follow the order of the Hebrew Bible. He even answers the argument from the Septuagint, saying that there is no uniform Septuagintal order of books. Therefore, if we followed the Hebrew Bible in discerning which books were part of the canon, rejecting the Septuagintal extra books of the Apocrypha, then why not follow the Hebrew Bible’s ordering of books? As Hamilton notes, David Noel Freedman has argued that Ezra and Nehemiah were responsible for the ordering of the Hebrew canon. Hamilton also notes that certain New Testament passages seem to assume the TNK ordering of the OT books. Very stimulating. Maybe the ESV will consider printing such a Bible. It would certainly take some getting used to!