A Thesis On Gun Control

Premise one: gun control results in greater crime. Lack of control results in lesser crime. Requirements to own guns result in almost no crime.

Premise two: not all liberals are stupid.

Preliminary conclusion: liberals have the facts in hand and know these things.

Premise three: greater crime results in greater anarchy.

Premise four: the hoi polloi (the people) prefer tyranny to anarchy.

Conclusion: the liberals want anarchy so that tyranny can result with them in power.

Folks, I think the liberals have a much greater goal in mind than the simple elimination of guns. This is just a means to an end. By stirring up crime and anarchy, they will make the people so afraid of chaos that the people will flock to a tyrannical government. There is historical precedent for this in the time of Rome. According to Taylor Caldwell, Catiline was encouraged by the powers that be to commit acts of anarchy in order to make the people so afraid that the government could then disarm the people and seize complete control over everything.