You Should Subscribe

Every thinking Christian owes it to himself to subscribe to the Confessional Presbyterian Journal. You can subscribe by clicking here. Here are some reasons why you should subscribe:

1. Chris Coldwell is the editor. Not only does he work his tail off (at almost no profit!) to get this journal into print (thus indicating a profound labor of love!), but he is also extremely learned in all matters confessional.

2. Even if you absolutely hate confessions and people who like confessions, you still need to know what they are about. This journal is one of the very best ways of finding out what confessionalism looks like. The case is made there as well as it can be made.

3. It is the best confessional journal in print. In my opinion, it even ranks higher than the Westminster Theological Journal and the Mid-America Theological Journal.

4. It is accessible. Even though written according to scholarly standards, the writing is edited to be clear. Any Christian with a decent education can read and profit by this journal.

5. There is a great deal on right now for all four volumes at $50. The page size is large, and therefore you are getting the equivalent of 4 volumes of 500 pages each. And that includes shipping.

6. I am now the reviews editor. I realize that this is reason enough for some of you to run pell-mell in the opposite direction, avoiding it like the bubonic plague (Hey, get back here, you!…). However, my editorship does not start until the ’09 journal (although I did proof a few pieces in the ’08 journal). The ’08 journal includes my very first published work. So all 3 of you who desire to have everything I ever write, this is the necessary first step.