New Position

Mr. Chris Coldwell, of the Confessional Presbyterian Journal, has offered me the post of editor of the section of the journal entitled “Reviews and Responses.” Basically, this is a book review editorship position. I have accepted this position. Our aim will be to line up book reviews that will contribute to the literature of the field, and offer on occasion a scholarly platform on which the reviewer and the author may debate. I am looking forward enthusiastically to fulfilling my responsibilities in this new post. I am committed to including reviews of books that are important in the theological field, books about which inquisitive laymen, pastors, and scholars would inquire. The reviews will be from a Reformed perspective, which is to say, a confessionally Reformed (yes, I know that’s a redundancy, but a necessary one in today’s world) viewpoint, and will be addressed to a Reformed audience. The majority of books reviewed, therefore, will be Reformed.