It’s about pride

Recently there was a dust up here over some comments on a post concerning theonomy. As these things sometime do, the wrangling continued onto other posts not relevant to the first.

As a moderator I sought to squelch the wrangling. I tried to do so in a manner that did not “take sides”. One side believed that in spite of my efforts, I nevertheless did. While I disagree with that viewpoint, I do understand the concerns that prompt it.

At some point I stopped trying to separate the parties and jumped into the dust-up myself. To be frankly honest, I did so when I believed I was personally attacked. This was wrong of me.

It’s not that I believe the attack was justified. Rather, Christians are called to a higher standard. Even if I felt the need to defend myself, I should have done so in a more dignified manner, one which is more consistent with the Suffering Servant’s manner. I repent that I did not.

To any who were offended by my behavior I apologize and ask your forgiveness.

Let me end by noting one thing. The issue is not theonomists vs. non-theonomists, no matter how much some of us want to make that the issue. The issue is about pride, plain and simple. Too much pride masquerading as intelligent discourse brothers, too much pride.

With you, I am grateful for a Savior Who breaks my pride and keeps me in His saving love.

Reed DePace