Election Cycle 2008 and the Christian

Many people I know are moaning and groaning over Barack Obama, and they fear more than anything else that he would become president. Many people think that the McCain/Palin ticket is the savior of the United States. Both are wrong. Let’s take them one at a time.

If Obama wins, we will almost certainly lose some more of our freedoms. Who knows what freedoms we will lose, but we’ll probably lose the freedom to carry weapons. Is our reaction to losing this overdone, however? I wonder…Could it possibly be that God might choose to have Obama become elected so that the nominal Christian church might finally experience some purifying persecution? Can it possibly be that Obama getting elected would be something that would eventually work out to the good of those who love God? If you look at some people’s fears on this score, you might think it impossible. But if we really believe Romans 8, we will not be overly troubled if Obama wins. God is more powerful for good than Obama is for evil. And who knows, God may curb Obama’s career in evil, as He has done with so many people in the history of the Christian church (weren’t we all like that?). This is where Calvinism comes into its own: belief in the utter sovereignty of God can help us in a time of fear. We need only fear God, not man.

If McCain wins, the temptation will be to sit back with a collective sigh of relief and ignore our duties to evangelize the more than half of Americans who are completely unchurched. Yes, that’s right. More than half of Americans have never been churched. McCain might very well help America in some ways. But what ails America is sin, folks, not economic problems (unless one wants to make the plausible argument that economic problems stem from sin; but that is all very complicated). And the answer to America’s problems is the Gospel. Did I vote? Yes, I did. And I can tell you this: I did not vote for Obama. But, whichever outcome arises from this election, there is no need to cry about the sky falling, nor can we rejoice as if “God won” if McCain won. I will still watch with interest the election returns. But one can sit in the midst of great carnage and be placid and calm, if one believes that His Sovereign Father God has all things under His control.