A Layman’s Commentary Guide

I have received requests to post more books for the normal Christian who cannot read Hebrew and Greek (or Latin, for that matter!). So what I intend to do here is to publish the two or three best commentaries on each book of the Bible for laymen. My thoughts here are geared towards those (like elders) who might teach a Sunday School class, or a Bible study, and also those who simply want to dig deeper into the Word on their own. All books need to be read with discretion. I do not agree with everything in all these books. But I have sought to choose commentaries that will generally edify, and not lead people astray.

Complete sets: Matthew Henry, John Calvin, The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised

Genesis: Currid, volumes 1 and 2, Hughes, Baldwin, Kidner; Exodus: Currid, volumes 1 and 2, Enns, Ryken, Mackay, Bruckner; Leviticus: Currid, Bonar, Mathews, Gane, Tidball; Numbers: Duguid, Wenham, Gane, Currid, Brown; Deuteronomy: Currid, Wright, Brown; Joshua: Davis, Hess (Tyndale), Woudstra, Currid, Hubbard; Judges: Davis, Younger, Schwab; Ruth: Ferguson, Duguid; 1 and 2 Samuel: Davis volumes 1 and 2, Baldwin, Woodhouse; 1 and 2 Kings: Davis volumes 1 and 2, Provan, Konkel, Olley; 1 and 2 Chronicles: Hill, Pratt, Selman volumes 1 and 2, Wilcock; Ezra-Nehemiah: Kidner, Brown, Fyall, Rata; Esther: Duguid, Jobes, Baldwin, Firth, Reid; Job: Jones, Andersen, Thomas; Psalms: Kidner volumes 1 and 2, Spurgeon, Grogan, Mays; Proverbs: Koptak, Kidner; Ecclesiastes: Ferguson, Kidner, Bridges (Geneva Commentary, out of print); Song of Songs: Gledhill, Carr; Isaiah: Mackay volumes 1 and 2, Webb, Grogan, Oswalt; Jeremiah: Mackay, vols 1 and 2, Longman, Ryken, Dearman, Kidner; Lamentations: Mackay, Longman, Ryken, Dearman; Ezekiel: Duguid, Thomas, Wright; Daniel: Duguid, Baldwin, Harman, Ferguson; Minor Prophets as a Whole: NIVAC volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, Tyndale volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Boice; Hosea: Burroughs, Kidner; Joel: See Minor Prophets as a Whole; Amos: Smith, Motyer; Obadiah: Marbury; Jonah: Ferguson, Estelle, Martin, Nixon; Micah: See Minor Prophets as a Whole; Nahum: Robertson; Habakkuk: Robertson; Zephaniah: Robertson; Haggai: Verhoef; Zechariah: Phillips, Webb, Kline; Malachi: Verhoef

Matthew: France, Garland, Wilkins; Mark: Garland, Lane; Luke: Sproul, Bock, Hughes, volumes 1 and 2; John: Carson, Kruse; Acts: Marshall, Fernando; Romans: Moo, Haldane, Boice; 1 Corinthians: Blomberg, Morris; 2 Corinthians: Garland, Kruse; Galatians: Ryken, Barnes, Brown; Ephesians: Ferguson, Hughes, Stott; Philippians: Boice, Ferguson, Thielman; Colossians/Philemon: Davenant, Garland; 1 and 2 Thessalonians: Beale, Morris; Pastoral Epistles: Ryken, Barcley, Guthrie; Hebrews: Phillips, Guthrie; James: Doriani, Manton, Moo; 1 and 2 Peter/Jude: Jobes, Helm, Schreiner; 1-3 John: Burge, Stott, Marshall; Revelation: Johnson, Poythress, Keener