I’m Really Excited About This Book

The author has done it again. He has translated quite a few Reformed confessions into English for the first time. We are forever in his debt simply from his editing the Giger translation of Turretin. But now this first volume of a projected three-volume series will certainly become the definitive place to go for the historic Reformed Confessions. As much as anything, it will be a one place stop to know what Reformed theology said in the 16-17th centuries. This is a must have resource for all Reformed pastors.

There are 33 confessions of faith in this first volume, including such noteworthy contributions as Zwingli’s 67 Articles, Farel’s Summary, the First Helvetic Confession, all of Calvin’s Catechisms, the Consensus Tigurinus, and many, many others. They are arranged in chronological order, also a wonderful help to historians. Furthermore, there is a brief introduction with necessary historical and background information on each confession. This treasure-trove will also be a wonderful devotional resource. Therefore, all Christians should purchase these volumes.