Denominational Renewal? Part 1

Posted by Bob Mattes

Apparently, there was a small Denominational Renewal conference back in February. Not many noticed, so someone decided to have a blog conversation based on the original talks in February. Some noteworthy PCA figures have accepted the invitation to respond to the talks one at at time between Sept 15 and Oct 17, with one week dedicated to each presentation. Each week’s responses include one individual deemed sympathetic to the talk, one critical, one minority/woman, and one from outside the PCA. Others may respond to these posts on the blog site.

One warning about the Common Grounds site. Comments are processed using a cross-domain script. These are dangerous and typically used to hijack browsers, plan malware on sites, or steal personal information. In order to post with a secure browser like Firefox with NoScript active, you’ll have to disable XSS protection in NoScript to register that comment on the site. The fact that I did so speaks volumes on my loyalty to the PCA. This is a poor setup by the Common Grounds folks, and dangerous to your browsing security. They should eliminate the redirection script. You’ve been warned. And don’t forget to reenable XSS protection after your comment has been accepted.

This week’s topic is “Renewing Ethos” by Greg Thompson. If you’re wondering what a “Renewing Ethos” might be, so am I after listening to the talk. I posted a comment on the latest post asking a number of questions about TE Thompson’s talk requesting some clarity. The site there doesn’t seem all that active, so I’m posting my comment here verbatim in the interest of starting perhaps a wider discussion on a more popular theology site. Before reading further, I encourage you to listen to the series introduction, listen to the first talk and read the posts by the major players. Without at least listening to the original presentation (which runs about 30 minutes), my comments will be out of context because I do not directly recapitulate his talk in my comment:

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