New Book on Grace and Regeneration

Well, okay, so it’s an old book newly translated. Shoot me (pardon the pun with the recent posts!). Now, we have a very full access to this Dutch writer’s works.


Firearms, theology, and fantasy

Posted by Bob Mattes

Lane asked Are Guns Inherently Against Life? in response to Lance Lewis’ post Pro Life and Pro Glock? Lane did an excellent job in his post, as did many of the commenters under it. My purpose here is to address specific statements by Lewis in his post in which I have particular insight. [As I got about half-way through this post, I realized that to answer all of Lewis’ nonsense would take too long. So, I’ve been somewhat selective in what I address. Commenters to Lane’s post have done a nice job with other issues.] Let’s start by laying out the players.

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