Upcoming Book Helping With Bavinck

Bavinck’s Dogmatics, now available at WTS (see immediately preceding post), might be quite daunting for some people. However, some of those people might want to get their feet wet. There are several good places to start. Ron Gleason (who is probably America’s foremost Bavinck expert) recommends Our Reasonable Faith, which is a translation of Bavinck’s popular theology entitled Magnalia Dei (The Great Things of the Lord). Ron is currently working on what will surely be the definitive biography of Herman Bavinck, whom Ron considers to be the foremost Dutch theologian who ever lived (and that is saying rather a lot, considering that you also have Abraham Kuyper, Wilhelmus a’Brakel, and Petrus Van Mastricht all coming from Holland as well). For more information on Bavinck, stay tuned for an upcoming broadcast of Christ the Center, in which the panel interviewed Ron about Bavinck. One other place one might reasonably turn to is the upcoming book about Bavinck’s work.