The Book of Acts

The book of Acts is woefully underserved by commentaries these days. In fact, I intend to wait a good while before preaching on this book precisely for this reason. According to Jeremy Pierce, the following important commentaries will be coming out in the next five years or so: Joel Green in NICNT, Craig Keener (stand-alone), Richard Pervo (Hermeneia), David Peterson (Pillar), Stanley Porter (NIGTC), Eckhard Schnabel (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary), and Steve Walton (Word Biblical Commentary). I will not preach on Acts until at least some of these exegetical riches become available. Right now, we are limited to the following (admittedly excellent) commentaries: Bock (BECNT), Longenecker (EBC, rev.), Marshall (Tyndale), Barrett 1 and Barrett 2 (both in the ICC), Fernando (NIVAC), Johnson, Bruce (NICNT), Witherington, and Alexander. For help in preaching, there are some more resources in Boice, Calvin, Hughes, and Stott.

However, what I really want to draw attention to is the printing (for the first time!) of Lloyd-Jones on Acts. Currently six volumes are available: volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, volume 5, and volume 6. The series currently goes through at least chapter 8 of Acts. I am not sure whether Lloyd-Jones finished the whole book or not, but at the current rate (if he did finish it), there will be approximately 21 volumes. This will surely be the most complete set of sermons ever published on Acts. One cannot beat the price at WTS bookstore on these volumes. If one adds these and the volumes mentioned (including the forthcoming commentaries) to Calvin’s commentaries (the sermons are not the same), Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole’s Synopsis (whenever they get around to translating Acts), and the early church fathers, one will have a fairly complete library on Acts. Then one should preach Acts!