Friendly Response to Scott Clark

I do not necessarily speak for the other Christ the Center folks in responding the way I do to Scott Clark’s blog post about our FV discussion. This should be very clearly in mind. If the others decide they agree, fair enough, they can comment on my blog or elsewhere.

The issue with Dr. Gaffin is certainly a WTS versus WSC issue, not just an issue regarding the Federal Vision, or even regarding Norman Shepherd. In my opinion, Dr. Gaffin has sufficiently distanced himself from those problematic formulations in his recent book, in the article in the WTS book on justification, and in his article in the newest Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes. This may be a matter of a difference of opinion. However, in talking at length with Dr. Gaffin about these matters, it seems quite clear to me that Dr. Gaffin does in fact uphold the Westminster Standards on these issues. And I am not merely defending my professor on this issue. I think it is true.

The second issue is a point well taken. I think we were more concerned with describing what the Federal Vision is, rather than describing its reception per se in the NAPARC denominations. It certainly cannot be heard too many times that it has been rejected by so many denominations in the NAPARC organization.