A Small Backlog

It is Doug’s turn to move. I just want to remind Doug of where things stand at the moment. First there are the several points of this post, to which points Doug has responded to only a few here. Then there is this post, to which I responded in the comments, and to which Doug has not yet responded (it is possible that he thinks some of the commenters there have adequately answered my queries).  Finally, there is this post, to which we do not have an answer yet. Now, no reproach is intended by pointing these out. Doug has been quite busy recently with the Maryland trip, and his new novel coming out. I just thought it would be handy for Doug not to have to dig through these old posts to find out which have been answered and which haven’t, but instead to have them all in one place.

Moving on to the place of Christianity in the public place, my previous handling of it is here. I would say, in explanation of the piece, that I think David G has a good take on Matthew 28 and discipleship. Making disciples is the overarching category, with baptism and teaching making up the components of discipleship. However, it is important to point out that the Joint Statement does not ignore the teaching, for in the clause immediately following the baptism clause, it says, “accepting their responsibility to obediently learn all that He has commanded us.” It might be a tad more accurate to say that it is the church’s responsibility to teach more than it is the world’s responsibility to learn. Certainly the emphasis is on the former in the actual text of Matthew 28.