News Source for the PCA

There is a new website up that will keep updates on a regular basis on the PCA. See here. This has long been a desideratum. It is good to see that Dominic Aquila and Don Clements are going to keep us up to date.

A New Web Magazine for PCA News and Information


The Aquila Report is a new and independent web magazine for news and information for, of and about the Presbyterian Church in America and other churches in the Reformed community. The editor, Dominic Aquila, is a PCA minister and president of New Geneva Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was moderator of the 34th PCA General Assembly (2006), the founding editor of the former, and past editor of the Byfaithonline Newsletter.  Don Clements, also a PCA minister, is overseeing the business and marketing functions of The Aquila Report.

In The Aquila Report you will find current news and information about churches, people and events in the PCA and other churches. There will also be articles addressing issues of interest to the church. Watch for other features that will be introduced over time that will enhance your visits to this web magazine. There is an email address listed on the website.