From William Gurnall’s book The Christian in Complete Armor, pg. 315.

And he who hath a lust sucking on him, finds as little rest if he be not always serving of it, and making provision for it. Can the world, think you, show such another slave as this poor wretch is? Well, though all the bolts that the devil hath- lusts I mean-were locked upon one sinner, and he shut up in the closest dungeon of all his prison, yet let but this poor slave begin to be acquainted with the truth of Christ, so as to open his heart to it, and close with it, and you shall soon hear that the foundations of the prison are shaken, its doors thrown open, and the chains fallen off the poor creature’s legs.


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  1. Steven Carr said,

    March 6, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Man, I love the Puritans! William Guthrie says something very similar in The Christian’s Great Interest:

    “Object. I am a person singularly sinful, beyond any I know: therefore I
    dare not presume to go near to Christ Jesus, or look after that salvation
    which is through His righteousness.
    Ans. Is your sin beyond the drunkenness and incest of Lot; adultery
    covered with murder in David; idolatry and horrid apostasy in Solomon;
    idolatry, murder, and witchcraft in Manasseh; anger against God and His
    way in Jonah; forswearing of Christ in Peter, after he was forewarned,
    and had vowed the contrary; bloody persecution in Paul, making the saints
    to blaspheme? etc. But woe to him who is emboldened to sin by these
    instances recorded in Scripture, and adduced here to the commendation of
    the free and rich grace of God, and to encourage poor penitent sinners to
    flee unto Christ; I say, are your sins beyond these? Yet all these
    obtained pardon through Christ, as the Scripture showeth.
    Know, therefore, that all sins are equal before the free grace of God,
    ‘who loveth freely’ (Hos. 14: 4); and looketh not to less or more sin. If
    the person have a heart to ‘come unto Him through Christ, then He is able
    to save to the uttermost.’ (Heb. 7: 25.) Yea, it is more provoking before
    God, not to close with Christ, when the offer comes to a man, than all
    the rest of his transgressions are; for ‘he that believeth not has made
    God a liar,’ in that record He has borne of life in the Son. (1 John 5:
    10,11.) ‘And he who does not believe, shall be condemned for not
    believing on the Son of God.’ (John 3: 18.) That shall be the main thing
    in his indictment; so that much sin cannot excuse a man, if he reject
    Christ, and refuse His offer; since God has openly declared, that ‘this
    is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus
    came to save sinners, whereof I am chief.’ Even he who is chief of
    sinners in his own apprehension, is bound to believe and ‘accept this
    saying.’ (1 Tim. 1: 15.)”

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