The Justification of Jesus?

On pg. 174 of RINE, Wilson makes a somewhat passing reference to the justification of Jesus, quoting Leithart, who references Gaffin. This is a much vexed question. I believe that great care must be taken here.

In Romans 4:25, I believe that the text does say that Christ’s resurrection is the ground of our justification. After all, if Christ is not risen, then we are still in our sins, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15. However, we must carefully qualify such statements. Jesus was not justified in the same way that we are justified. Jesus was not justified by faith alone. Indeed, Jesus was justified by works, as Philippians 2:8 tells us (obedient up to the point of death…therefore). He did the law: He now lives. And it is not salvation that we are talking about, either. Jesus had no need of saving in the same way we do. He had need of being resurrected, yes. But not saving. Indeed, it is blasphemous to think that Jesus needed saving by faith alone as we do. Jesus did what He did in order that we might be saved. He was under no obligation whatsoever to save even one of us. It is not guarded enough merely to speak of Jesus’ justification and our justification, therefore. Such statements need careful and full qualification. Such qualification is lacking in RINE.

Secondly, Leithart’s essay has been answered here. It is probably not answered to Wilson’s and Leithart’s satisfaction. However, it is there, and I refer the reader to those posts to answer what Wilson says on pp. 174-175.