For the First Time in English

This volume is certainly cause for rejoicing.

On Face to Face Communication

I, for one, am sick and tired of the excuse “You didn’t contact me,” coming from the FV. I am simply going to turn it around and ask the FV’ers, “Why didn’t you submit your publications to peer review that wasn’t already favorable to your view, so that you could anticipate where the misunderstandings could be, and thus clarify before you went to print?” This is often done in Ph.D. work, for instance. The question is whether someone is an expert in the field, not whether he agrees with the thesis. Furthermore, a disagreeing reader is often chosen specifically because he disagrees. The FV might respond, “Anyone who is a critic is not going to understand my writings.” Fine. But there goes any chance you might have had of convincing any critics, either. Are there absolutely zero critics who would be completely and utterly unwilling to do this kind of peer review? I find this hard to believe. Many of them might not want to, admittedly. But have the FV guys tried to do this? My impression is that the only peer review that was done (except for the Auburn Avenue Pros and Cons book) was done by those already favorable to their position. So, in not submitting their works to critical peer review, they have in effect asserted that their writings are clear enough that even critics should be able to understand them. So why complain now when the critics have taken them at their word?