Tremendously Important Book

Okay, I say that about a lot of books. However, Dr. Carl Trueman just pointed out this book to me. I firmly believe not only that every seminarian should read Muller’s contribution (Silva’s first book in the volume is also very important) both at the beginning and at the end of their seminary training, but also that Muller’s contribution should be the chief text in a new class that every seminary should teach: on theological encyclopedia. For the definition of this phrase, see the first 23 pages of this book, which is referenced by Muller. Why is this book so very important? Muller addresses what is the number one problem in seminaries of today: the fragmentation of theology into sub-sub-sub (etc.) disciplines that compete one with another. Muller argues for the unity of the theological enterprise. In other words, how would a seminary student “put it all together?” Muller would help immensely.