Commentaries to Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague

Per Benjamin’s excellent suggestion in the last post, I am going to post what I think are the most remarkable duds in modern commentary writing.

Whole Bible commentaries: Broadman Bible Commentary, Barnes’ Notes (the portion that isn’t Barnes himself), most volumes of the New Century Bible

Genesis: Coats, Skinner, Speiser, Westermann; Exodus: Coats, Noth; Leviticus: Gerstenberger, Noth; Numbers: Gray, Levine, Noth; Deuteronomy: Driver, Von Rad; Joshua: Soggin; Judges: Soggin, Moore; Ruth: none come to mind; Samuel: Hertzberg, Smith; Kings: Long, Robinson, DeVries; Chronicles: DeVries, Myers; Ezra-Nehemiah: Batten, Myers; Esther: Moore, Paton; Job: Driver/Gray, Pope; Psalms: Briggs, Leslie, Gerstenberger, Weiser; Proverbs: McKane, Toy, Scott; Ecclesiastes: Longman, Barton; Song of Songs: the Puritans (the only book of the Bible that they got wrong not so much in what they affirmed (although they often went off the deep end with their allegory), but in what they denied); Isaiah: Gray, MacKenzie; Jeremiah: Carroll; Lamentations: none come to mind; Ezekiel: Cooke; Daniel: Hammer, Porteous; Minor Prophets: ICC commentary; Matthew: Albright/Mann, Allen; Mark: Cole, Gould; Luke: Leaney; John: MacGregor, Tasker; Acts: Blaicklock; Romans: Dodd, N.T. Wright; Corinthians: Tasker; Galatians: Dunn, Cole, Martyn, Tenney; Ephesians: Simpson; Philippians: Muller, Vincent; Colossians/Philemon: Herbert, N.T. Wright, Dunn; Thessalonians: Frame; Pastorals: Dibelius/Conzelmann, Lock; Hebrews: Buchanan, Hewitt; James: Ropes, Tasker, Reicke; Peter/Jude: none come to mind; 1-3 John: Bultmann, Strecker; Revelation: the sky’s the limit here. It’s easier to say what shoud we keep than what should we throw, since the former list is much shorter than the latter.