A Welcome Reconciliation

Posted by Bob Mattes

I am blessed to report that Rev. Mike Lawyer and I have reconciled after exchanging a series of less-than-desirable blog posts. Because a lot of fallout from these posts landed on this blog, I feel that it is only right that I post the good news here.

Rev. Mike Lawyer has written a very gracious letter apologizing for his posts and accusations that caused me to write my retort. I am honored to humbly accept Rev. Lawyer’s apology in full. Indeed, his letter is a model of Christian repentance. He also graciously modified an earlier post to reflect his new understanding of the situation.

I equally apologize to Rev. Lawyer for the tone of my original retort. It is way too easy to strike back at those who wrong us, but as I wrote in another post about a week after I published the original retort, Christ commands us to do better. For my falling short of my Lord’s just expectations and offending Rev. Lawyer in the process, I am truly sorry. That I did not pull the post sooner, especially after my subsequent admonition to the blogging community here on tone, stands as a testimony to simul justus et pecator. I offer no excuse.

One more thing. Rev. Lawyer assured me in his letter that Doug Wilson had no part in his posts, nor was he asked to post them. I accept that as stated. I hereby retract all previous comments to that end and apologize to Doug for thinking and posting otherwise.

As a result of this reconciliation, Rev. Lawyer has modified on of his posts and I have revised two related posts on my site. Hopefully these actions will put the neutron rods back in the reactor.

I do not have adequate words to express my joy and relief at being able to put this episode behind us. We all sin, and yet are too quick to point out the sins of those we feel have sinned against us. As I was so quick to do so in Rev. Lawyer’s case, so I must be equally quick to forgive. To do otherwise would be to deny our Lord and His gracious work in our lives.

I cannot leave this subject without publicly thanking all those who rose to my defense during this time. I am grieved that some paid a heavy price in doing so. I thank the Lord for such dear brothers and sisters and their love, and I am humbled by your courage. Now I ask that everyone celebrate this reconciliation with us, and that we move on from here with renewed gratitude for the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Posted by Bob Mattes

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