Also Out

Also a recent publication is this new commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah, in the same series as Leithart on Kings, Pelikan on Acts, and Hauerwas on Matthew.

New Edition of Helpful Book

The new edition of this book is very nice, as it now has a non-italic Greek font. Folks, if you want to keep up your Greek, and do it in an organic, in-context way, I can think of no better resource than this book.

What’d I Miss?

Posted by Dr. Jeff Hutchinson 

I’ve been out and about enjoying God’s good creation and grace.  Did I miss anything around here?

Two New Editors

In an effort to put the worms back in the can, I have brought on two additional editors. Jeff is willing to moderate comments still, though he will be more in the background. I have promoted Bob Mattes, and I have added Reed De Pace. People, this is what I want on this blog: substantive discussion of theological points relevant to the current controversies, and discussion of the SJC’s procedure. The temperature needs to cool. I feel that it has gone ballistic in the time when I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my visiting family. I have only had very short times even to glance at this blog in the last few days. Each contributor will moderate his own posts, and I will moderate Gary’s, Wes’s, and David’s. Folks, I am trying my best not only to avoid giving offence to those who have so graciously agreed to post on my blog, but also to extend every courtesy possible to FV posters and FV authors. This is the real high-wire act, I can assure you. Folks, motivation of FV authors is off-limits for discussion. If people want to attack, say, Doug Wilson’s integrity, they can do it. But not on this blog. Is that clear, everyone? As many folks have said, this is my blog, and for better or for worse, what people post on this blog reflects on me.

More on Content and Tone

Posted by Rev. Lane Keister

I’m not sure if I am especially adept at peacemaking, but I aspire to be.  As such, I need to remind everyone of Reed DePace’s summary of four questions that aren’t going to be resolved anytime soon on this blog.  This was the “P2” post.  Since that post the argument about each of those four questions has continued, WITHOUT the discussion being advanced by either side.

And so I now declare a moratorium here on all comments that beat the dead horse of these four questions, which we simply must leave alone for the forseeable future on this blog:

1. Is Rev. Wilson right that RE Mattes has been injudicious in his comments about him?

2. Are TE Hutchison and RE Mattes right, that the series of communications that RE Mattes received from an elder of Rev. Wilson’s church, Mike Lawyer, were an inappropriate attack perhaps intended to silence his speaking out against Rev. Wilson; and that Mr. Lawyer’s action represents an example of a pattern of such attacks experienced by others who have voiced opposition to Rev. Wilson?

3. Are those who disagree with TE Hutchison’s posting of the links right?

4. Are those who believe there is a pattern of bullying opponents on the part of Wilson and supporters right?

Brothers and sisters, we are not going to be able to answer those questions here to everyone’s satisfaction!  That much should be obvious!  Please, let us continue to discuss theology and polity first and foremost, for Christ’s glory.

Lane Keister