An Interesting Commentary on John

I have used this commentary, and I like what I’ve read. It is much more convenient to use a book that discusses the reliability of John, when the comments are in canonical order. Highly recommended.

Major Change to Green Baggins

I have a rather major announcement to make.

I have been asked by RE Sam Duncan to serve as an Assistant Prosecutor in the upcoming case of the PCA versus Louisiana Presbytery, in the matter of TE Steve Wilkins. According to the SJC manual, chapter 7, “It is not appropriate for any member of the Commission to discuss the merits of the case with any party in the case or any person other than a Commission member, except as otherwise provided in the Manual or in the BCO.” Therefore, I will no longer be participating in any public discussions of the FV until the case is settled, and the verdict publicly announced. See details below. I apologize in particular to Doug Wilson, since I am not going to be able to finish what I think (and he seems to think so as well) has been a fruitful discussion of RINE. I’m sure that he will understand.

However, I am not simply going to let the blog go as an FV critic site. I have therefore asked several people to fill in for me on matters FV. So far, David Gadbois and Jeff Hutchinson have said that they are willing to post, and I have several more that I have asked. So look to see these posts soon. I will, of course, still post on other matters, particularly my sermons.

From case 2006-02

“Pursuant to BCO 40-5 the Standing Judicial Commission hereby cites Louisiana Presbytery to appear “to show what it has done or failed to do in the case in question.” To implement this process, RE Samuel J. Duncan is hereby appointed to: a) serve as prosecutor in this matter and conduct the case, which is designated as Case 2007-14; b) select Assistant Prosecutors from members of the General Assembly to assist him with this matter; c) draw an indictment to be served upon Louisiana Presbytery, with the circumstances and specifications therein not being limited to those raised in 2006-02 and 2007-8; d) prepare a citation instructing Louisiana Presbytery to respond, in writing or at a called meeting of the Standing Judicial Commission, to the indictment and to enter its plea to the matters contained therein not later than February 1, 2008.  (BCO 40-6, 31-2, 32-3)  If Louisiana Presbytery enters a plea of “not guilty,” then Louisiana Presbytery is directed to appear, through its representatives, for trial in this matter before the Standing Judicial Commission on March 5, 2008 (BCO 40-5, 40-6, 31-2, 32-3).”