Spam Filter and On Target Comments

My sincere apologies to all of you who have had difficulty posting comments. My spam filter is acting up again. If your comment doesn’t appear, that doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s either being held for moderation, or the spam filter picked it up. If the spam filter picks it up, then I have to sort through the spam to find it. Please do not assume that your comment has been lost if it does not appear. In fact, I have not “lost” any comments. If you have a comment and it doesn’t appear, just email me at pastorlaneATjunoDOTcom, and I will find it for you.

Secondly, I will be instituting a new policy for comments, starting tomorrow. I have had it up to here with “theological spam.” So, starting tomorrow for awhile (probably about a week), I will be instituting moderator approval for every comment. This will be a pain in the neck for me. Do you even know how much I hate that I have to do this??? But it is due to some of you guys, who consistently miss the point, yell and scream, and otherwise make this blog unattractive. No one’s comments will be exempt from deletion if I feel like it. The criteria for approval: it’s on topic (defined by the *post,* not by other comments), it’s placid in tone (this is not a church court), calls no one names; is not simple posturing, but puts forth an argument, advancing the discussion. May I say that I have tried several things with regard to the tone of this blog, and my wishes are simply not being followed in this. This is intended to be a scholarly blog, not bloviation. That doesn’t mean that a comment has to have Greek and Hebrew in it to be approved. But it does mean that the tone will be scholarly, and the substance of it will be on target. I know that I will probably lose some commenters because of this policy. However, those commenters will probably not be much of a loss.

Update: I am going to take Fred’s and Chris’s advice. They have had quite a lot of experience in moderating things. So the new policy is this: you get two “strikes,” and after that, you are permanently banned. What will get you a strike? Attack comments, asinine remarks, off-topic comments (as defined above), name-calling, and comments that repeat one’s position but don’t add to the specific discussion. This goes for *both* sides. No one is immune, not even good friends of mine. If your position is already well-known, then there is no need to beat the poor dead, delapidated, decapitated, disemboweled, disinterred, double-daggered equus, unless you haven’t said it before.