A Wedding Poem

My brother is getting married to Susan on September 22 (Bilbo Baggins’s birthday, by the way!). I have been furiously scrambling to get a song written for the occasion, which my wife will sing. It is going very well, and I hope to have the song complete next week. I thought I would post the poem that I wrote for the song. This poem is based loosely (very loosely!) on Psalm 45.

Thou art glorious, Princess, in thy holy space
With thy robes all woven with gold and with lace;
And the oil of gladness anointing thy face
As thou goest in towards thy king.

In thy majesty, Prince, we can see all thy grace
With thy noble mien and thy footsteps apace
And of cowardly thoughts in thy mind not a trace
Can be found. Of the twain we shall sing.

Now the Bridegroom has gone to prepare thee a place
That the bloom of thy flower shall fill a fine Vase.
Until then, He’ll give thee more grace upon grace,
That one Day, the Bride He shall bring.