Some Links For Today

There was an unusually large number of good blog posts today, so I am going to direct your attention to some of them. First up is Andy Webb’s excellent post on who gets to decide how to worship God. Secondly, there is Grudem’s response to Piper’s response to Grudem’s changed position on baptism, and Pastor Shaun’s excellent reflections on the debate. Thirdly, there is a trailer for the new Pilgrim’s Progress movie, courtesy of Mike Ratliff. Check ’em out.

1 Comment

  1. Andrew Webb said,

    August 10, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Lane,

    Thanks much for getting the word out about the church planting Blog.

    I should also comment that I sincerely appreciate you devotion to answering the ongoing FV errors. I fear though that the reward for your toil in that respect won’t come on this side of glory!

    – Andy

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