Westminster’s Book Sale

Westminster Seminary’s Bookstore now has a fantastic weekly sale. Those looking for basic Reformed classics should take a good look at some of the amazing prices they are currently offering on this sale.


A few months ago, I published this article by Wes White on the validity of the visible/invisible Church distinction:

In that article, Wes critiqued Doug Wilson as one who denied this distinction.  As of that paper, he defined Wilson as saying that visible Church is that which professes the true faith in time and the invisible Church as referring to the Church at the end of time. Thus, in the present time, it seemed to us that Wilson was saying that “Church” in the present time can only refer to that visibly gathered community.

We would like to retract this because Wilson does affirm that in addition to the historical/eschatological distinction, the Church can also be distinguished into those who are truly converted (invisible) and those who publicly profess the true faith with their children (visible).  We hereby withdraw our criticism of him on this point.

Nevertheless, this does not affect the substance of the article or any of the argumentation, and we continue to recommend this article (with these qualifications) to our readers.

Sincerely in Christ, Lane Keister and Wes White