Great Commentary on 1 Peter

This is a great commentary on 1 Peter. It is now difficult for me to say what is my favorite commentary on 1 Peter (my favorite book of the Bible). Two commentaries are now vying for first place: this one, and Achtemeier. These are the two best.

Jobes offers a unique explication of the general background behind the letter, arguing that “the Christians to whom Peter writes were converted elsewhere (than Asia Minor, LK), probably Rome, and then displaced to Asian Minor” (pg. xi).  

She furthers offers an analysis of the syntax of 1 Peter, and finds that 1 Peter offers characteristics of Semitic interference. In other words, the writer was a Jew for whom Greek was a second (though well-learned) language.

Thirdly, she offers a comprehensive study of the language of the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the OT) in its relationship to 1 Peter. These three things are her unique contributation to the study of 1 Peter. She accomplishes all three things admirably in a book that is remarkable in its ability to speak to both lay-person and scholar. She is incredibly lucid in her explanations. It should be noted that she takes Dalton’s view of the spirits in prison passage, the view I also share. In short, if you were to have only one commentary on 1 Peter, this one should be it.

The Siouxlands Presbytery Study Committee Report, Supporting Document 3

Here it is, finally: Wes White’s paper on justification and Norman Shepherd’s theology. This article was published in the Mid-America Journal of Theology, 2006. Since there is no way the paper can be debate on that web site, debate is directed to this blog.