Is Christianity a False Religion?

Everyone is talking about the documentary coming out on finding the supposed tomb of Jesus and His family. James Cameron, the director of Titanic, is doing this in conjunction with a Jew. It really is amazing how some people will believe anything that is controversial. I agree with Kostenberger that the almighty dollar is what is really at the bottom of this. And, unfortunately, Cameron will succeed in that endeavor, even if he does not eradicate Christianity from viability. Kostenberger has some great arguments of his own against the ludicrous arguments of the documentary, and directs us to some very high-profile refutations here, and here.



As this blog post interchange sadly indicates, some Arminians think that if you hold to Limited Atonement, you are going to hell, and you are badly misleading the people of God. Never mind that one must believe in Jesus Christ: that’s completely peripheral, according to some. Christ becomes decentralized in an all-out effort to bash the Calvinists. Dave Hunt does the same thing, as Dr. White points out so forcefully.

Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore

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