On the Trinity and Culture

My identical twin brother Adrian has a great post over here on the Trinity and culture. Check it out.

Augustine on Presuppositions in the Study of the Trinity

The first page of Augustine’s work on the Trinity (I am quoting the New City Press edition, published in 1991) is a helpful reminder in our discussions on John 1:1, the deity of Christ, and the discussions about the Trinity. Here it is in full:

“The reader of these reflections of mine on the Trinity should bear in mind that my pen is on the watch against the sophistries of those who scorn the starting-point of faith, and allow themselves to be deceived through an unseasonable and misguided love of reason. Some of them try to transfer what they have observed about bodily things to incorporeal and spiritual things, which they would measure by the standard of what they experience through the senses of the body or learn by natural human intelligence, lively application, and technical skill. There are others whose concept of God, such as it is, ascribes to him the nature and moods of the human spirit, a mistake which ties their arguments about God to distorted and misleading rules of intepretation. Again, there is another type; people who indeed strive to climb above the created universe, so ineluctably subject to change, and raise their regard to the inchanging substance which is God. But so top-heavy are they with the load of their mortality, that what they do not know they wish to give the impression of knowing, and what they wish to know they cannot; and so they block their own road to genuine understanding by asserting too categorically their own presumptuous opinions, and then rather than change a misconceived opinion they have defended they prefer to leave it uncorrected.”

Senator John Kerry

Alex and Brett really nailed this one. The cartoon packs a real punch.