The End of Lot’s Road

Genesis 19:30-38
The old saying goes: “sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” Now we finally see the end of the road for Lot. Where did Lot’s choice of pasture-land lead him in the end? Lot wanted wealth and comfort. Did he attain those two things? He winds up in a cave, getting his two daughters pregnant. What an end of the road for Lot!

We have seen the judgment that God brought on Sodom and Gomorrah. We have seen that it was a terrible and thorough judgment. It was such a terrible judgment that Lot now feared to live even in Zoar. There are two reasons for this fear. One is that he feared that the Lord would also destroy that city. The other is that he feared the inhabitants of the land, who might think that Lot is to blame for all this destruction. In any case, he did not live in the city. Instead, he went where he should have gone, according to the Lord’s command, before the destruction, namely, to the mountains, or hills. We have to ask this question, however. God commanded Lot to flee to the mountains. Why now, after the destruction, did Lot not go back to Abraham? Was Lot too proud to admit that his choice was wrong? Was he too devastated by the destruction? We will never know the answer. However, it is a question that we must ask, since it is a question of reproach. I believe that he should now have gone back to Abraham, to the covenant community. But he did not. And the result of that final bad choice is terrible.

His two daughters also think that the destruction was terrible. In fact, they thought that it was universal. They think that they are the only people left alive on this earth. They even go so far as to say that there are no more men left to marry. I suppose that if there were in their minds, they would have to marry them, because they were the last men on earth! However, they think that their father is the last man on earth. Now, it is plain from the text that the daughters think that their father will never marry again. That is the significance of the statement that their father is old. But it is plain from the story that the daughters are not really that interested in marriage and men. What they really want is children. We must remember that having children was the way in which you lived on. Not having children was death. Having children was the road to immortality.

So, the daughters cook up a scheme to get children by their father. It is plain that Lot would not assent to this plan while there was any sense left in him. So the daughters circumvent that problem by getting Lot very drunk. Lot would not do what they wanted him to do in any other state. The daughters thus show themselves to be thoroughly Sodomite. They got the Sodomite character from their mother, no doubt. You can get the daughters out of Sodom, but you can’t get Sodom out of the daughters!

What happens is definitely ironic. In the beginning of the chapter, Lot had thought to make his daughters go out the men of the town, in order that the two visitors would be safe. But now, it is Lot himself who will do what he thought to make the Sodomites do! So we see the rebirth of Sodom, really. Sodom is alive and well in Lot’s family. And Lot was the father of it all! (Kent Hughes).

This story should remind us of another story of drunkenness that we have already seen. Noah also, after a terrible judgment, got drunk, and a shameful act was perpetrated by one of his offspring. Lot’s story is exactly the same as Noah’s story. Both Noah and Lot succombed to sins similar to those who died in the judgments (Hughes, quoting Sailhamer). And then, of course, we see that the scheme works for both daughters. You would think that Lot would have learned his lesson after the first night, even though he didn’t have any idea of what was happening. But the same thing happens the second night. So both daughters were pregnant from their father Lot.
These pregnancies eventually result in two nations being born: Moab and Ammon. The Moabites are a thorn in Israel’s side for a long time. Of course, Moses is here warning the Israelites against fraternizing with the Moabites. That is one his main purposes here. The same thing is true of the Ammonites. The Moabites would eventually tempt the Israelites to sin. Moses is saying that that action on the part of the Moabites is just like their ancestor’s actions. They are in fact, Sodomite in their origin.

The point of application should be obvious to us. If we raise our children to be thoroughly ingrained with culture, then we should not be surprised to see Sodom thoroughly ingrained in them. Now here we should be especially concerned with the influence that TV has on us. How can we possibly think that our children can watch hour after hour of TV and not be influenced by the values that society has? That is utter delusion. That is like Lot thinking that he can live next to Sodom without being influenced by it. He certainly married a Sodomite wife. As a result, his children were Sodomite to the core. There is no escaping the fact that Lot’s decisions resulted eventually in the events that are recorded here. I place the majority of the blame on Lot. If he had not gone to Sodom and Gomorrah in the first place, this would never have happened. So what we should be considering is how to be in the world, but not of the world. We might think that the application just mentioned requires to us live the life of a hermit. That is not true. Rather, we are to be salt and light in a tasteless, dark world. But how can salt retain its saltiness? Don’t get mixed up in the world’s values. Be discerning. Don’t watch TV or movies that make you think worldly thoughts. Don’t make “fitting in” such a priority that you can’t get out. The world has a way of sucking you in and fitting you into its plans so well that you cannot extricate yourself from its grasp. Instead, we should be influencing culture the other way. We should be protesting the junk that is on TV. We should protest internet pornography. We should protest and boycott movies that espouse worldly values. What about soap operas? That is a subject near and dear to many of our hearts, I know. Many in our congregations watch them. We think that they are somehow true to life. But they are thinly disguised emotional pornography, and often fall little short of being actual pornography. Do we watch them? Why? I challenge us to name one single redeeming feature of soap operas, besides the supposed entertainment value, which would be dwarfed if all other considerations were taken into account.

We should be encouraging and putting our resources into development of wholesome Christian entertainment. You know, the Christian world has a powerful say in entertainment. The problem is that we watch the same things that everyone else does. I wonder what kind of an influence we could have on the culture of movies if we chose not to watch the filth that comes into so many movies.

Another point of application should also be clear to us. We are not to marry outside the faith. Paul says this explicitly in 1 Corinthians 7, where he directs us to marry only in the Lord. Lot married an unbeliever, and see where it got him. Not very far in his Christian walk. Do not even consider marrying someone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Look at the evil into which it brought Lot.

And yet, God can still bring good out of evil. What good could God possibly bring out of incest? Well, plenty of good. Ruth was a Moabitess. She was a woman of good character. She married Boaz. From that union came Obed, Jesse, and David. And from David eventually came the Messiah. Matthew mentions her explicitly in his genealogy at the beginning of his gospel. By Ruth’s faith, she was eventually counted as a child of the covenant. This proves that it doesn’t matter what your background is. You can have access to the covenant of grace. God can welcome you into His covenant family. He will not leave you a Sodomite. He will change your character and will through regenerating your heart. But He can welcome you in, no matter what your sin has been. And that is because of the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. There is no sin so black that Christ’s blood cannot make white. There is no heart so depraved that God cannot save it. There is nowhere you can go where you will be out of reach of God’s love. He can cleanse you wherever you are. That is the beauty of the Gospel. You could be an adulterer, a drug addict, a murderer, or all of these put together, and yet God can still save you. Ultimately, we are all Sodomite at our core. We all have the world’s way of thinking ingrained in us. That is what Jesus came to change. He came to bring a new creation. Jesus redeems the world from sin and darkness.

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