More of Joseph Caryl

Here are some profound thoughts from that master on the Book of Job, Joseph Caryl.

From volume 1, pg. 470: “When a wise man falleth into trouble, he falleth forward, that is, he falleth into those troubles, which he did fore-see; but when an ungodly man, a wicked man falleth into trouble, he falleth backward, he falleth into those evils, which he never thought of, much less feared.” Caryl is commenting on Job 3:25.

Page 456: “Every truth is beautiful, but the truths of God are beauty.”

Page 451: “As the first death doth part soul and body unwillingly, so the second death keepeth soul and body together unwillingly.”

And finally, from page 475-476, commenting on Luke 12:19: “I am safe in Him, I am quiet and at rest; he saith to his soul, ‘Soul, doest thou see That Christ, and doest thou take notice of those promises? Thou hast goods layed up in him, in them for many years, yea for eternity; soul, take thine ease, take it fully, thou hast riches, thou hast an estate that can never be spent; soul, eat, drink, and be merry; his blood is drink indeed, and his flesh is meat indeed, joy in Christ is joy indeed, unspeakable joy here, and fulness of joy hereafter.'”

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