Preaching the Whole Counsel of God

It would seem to me that a balanced diet is necessary. One must preach both OT and NT texts. Seeing that the OT is twice as large as the NT, we should gear our preaching accordingly. Furthermore, it would seem to me that to preach through the entire Pentateuch straight through (for instance) is not wise. One should rather preach from the various sections of the Bible. And, to break it up even more, one should probably alternate between OT and NT. A reasonable order of preached books might look like this then: Genesis, Matthew, Joshua, Acts, Job, Romans, Isaiah, James, Exodus, Mark, Judges, Corinthians, Psalms, 1 Peter, Jeremiah, Revelation, Leviticus, Luke, Ruth, Galatians, Proverbs, 2 Peter, Lamentations, John, Numbers, Ephesians, Samuel, 1 John, Ecclesiastes, Philippians, Ezekiel, 2-3 John, Deuteronomy, Colossians, Kings, Jude, Song of Songs, Thessalonians, Daniel, Timothy, Chronicles, Titus, Minor Prophets, Philemon, Ezra-Nehemiah, Hebrews, Esther. Of course, the problem with this setup is that every congregation has different needs. That just means that one could tweak this setup so that the more important (for the congregation) books could be preached earlier than others. I believe that every pastor ought to strive to preach through the entire Bible. It is possible (and at more than a cursory level). I have 3147 sermons planned on all of Scripture. That would take approximately 65.375 years at only one sermon per week, 32 years at two sermons per week. I will (Lord-willing) fall somewhere in-between those two figures. I preach two sermons a week during the warmer half of the year.