Are we the judge of sin?

Here is an unbelievably profound paragraph from John Owen’s commentary on Hebrews, volume 3, pg 289 (I “translate it” a bit).

God alone knows what is the true desert and demerit of sin, and but from his declaration of creatures not any. And how shall we judge of what we know nothing of but from Him, but only by what He does? We see among men that the guilt of crimes is aggravated according to the dignity of the persons against whom they are committed. Now, since no creature knows Him perfectly (against whom all sin is committed), then no creature can truly and perfectly know what is the desert and demerit of sin but by His revelation who is is perfectly known to Himself. And what a madness is it to judge otherwise of what we do not otherwise understand! Shall we make ourselves judges of what sin against God deserves? -Let us first search out the Almighty to perfection, and then we may know of ourselves what it is to sin against Him. Besides, we know not what is the opposition that is made by sin against the holiness, the nature, the very being of God. As we cannot know Him perfectly against whom we sin, so we know not perfectly what we do when we sin. It is the least part of the malignity and poison that is in sin which we are able to discern. We see not the depth of that malicious respect which is has to god; and are we capable to judge correctly of what is its demerit? But all these things are open and naked before that infinite wisdom of God which accompanies His righteousness in all His works. He knows Himself, against whom sin is directed; he knows the condition of the sinner; he knows what contrariness and opposition there is in sin against Himself,- in a word, what it is for a finite, limited, dependent creature, to oppose itself to the authority and being of the Holy Creator, Ruler, and Governor of all things.